Instructor and Coach Code of Conduct

  • It is the responsibility of all Instructors to be in control of their students at all times whilst they are in class in order to prevent any dishonorable behavior towards other students, officials or spectators.
  • All Instructors are expected to comply wholeheartedly with the intent and spirit of the Rules herein. The AJJA Inc. has zero tolerance of any instructor who deliberately teaches students to violate the Association’s rules.
  • All Instructors will teach their students to respect the dignity of the session, officials, opponents and the club, that they represent.
  • All Instructors will confine their discussions with the Sensei in accordance with the rules of etiquette in the Dojo.
  • Whereas FRIENDLY banter between students is not to be discouraged, insults, obscene language, malicious or personal remarks to opponents or spectators will not be tolerated at any time. Rather, the players should spend their time and energies towards encouraging their fellow students to improve.
  • Head Instructors must emphasise to their subordinate Instructors that they are required to confine their guiding remarks to their own students.
  • All Instructors will refrain from any personal action that might arouse students or spectators to behave dishonorably.
  • All Instructors shall expect from other Instructors to present a dignified attitude toward students.
  • All Instructors must never allow their students to demoralize other students with over aggressive actions or adverse comment.
  • All Instructors will be properly and appropriately attired as designated by the rules of the Dojo.
  • All Instructors have a responsibility to all students to afford an equal opportunity of training time.
  • All Instructors have a responsibility to all students to be given equal opportunity to apply and defend.
  • All Instructors have a responsibility to all students to be organised for all training sessions.
  • All Instructors have a responsibility to all students to make sure the student’s equipment is of a quality nature, is hygienic and safe to use.
  • All Instructors have a responsibility to their students to teach them to respect the Dojo they train in and to leave it in a proper and clean condition.
  • All Instructors have a responsibility to all students to teach development and enjoyment in their training.
  • All Coaches have a responsibility to all students to ensure that all training is conducted in a position conducive to good health practices.
  • All Instructors have a responsibility to all students to enhance their own personal knowledge by attending or completing Coaching sessions, Coaching Academy Seminars and all other Club, State and National Clinics whenever possible.
  • All Instructors must have completed a course in Coaching Accreditation Principles to a minimum standard of Level 1.
  • All Senior level Instructors have a responsibility to assist the lesser experienced Instructors whenever possible and to encourage their students to do the same. Instructors must invest quality time with the junior students of their club.
  • All Instructors have the responsibility to encourage their students to study higher level students practicing, in order to promote both the students’ development and the art of Ju-Jitsu throughout Australia.
  • All Instructors have the responsibility of realizing their status as PERCEIVED status by students and must be overly positive at all times, in regards to demonstrating, practicing, watching and learning Ju-Jitsu.
  • All instructors must be cognisant of the responsibility they hold in accordance with society’s expectations in dealing with their student’s development. Younger students under the age of 18 years are to be afforded greater attention by instructors to ensure the spirit of the bushido lives on. AJJA Inc. instructors must always uphold the laws of the land and promote high standards of compliance to good order and discipline.
  • All students must submit to their Sensei’s guidance and uphold the rules of the AJJA Inc. unless they believe that guidance is either unsafe or unlawful. Students have a responsibility to report breaches of this code of conduct to the AJJA Inc. committee. No student will be disadvantaged or admonished for bringing serious matters to the attention of the AJJA Inc. and will maintain total anonymity if they so wish.

Commission for Children and Young People

The AJJA is not, and does not act as a regulatory body for Government departments. The AJJA abides by all State laws and regulations of Australia, and as an information source for its Instructor members, passes on all information as obtained regarding new laws and policies put in place by Government which may affect its members.

The AJJA insists that all Instructor members make themselves aware of the information and requirements of the State law as passed onto them, and take appropriate action to ensure they meet the requirements set down, to remain a Law abiding entity.
This can be done by contacting the relevant Government department in the member’s State

Although the AJJA insists this action take place, it is not within its power or process to police this, and as such will take no responsibility for those members who are found to be working outside of the required guidelines.

If you do not comply with the laws after being made aware of them, you are not fulfilling your responsibility under the law. The AJJA will pass on information and advice wherever possible to ensure its members are not found wanting with no concept of how to meet their legal requirements.

  • A policy of the AJJA requires that any person wishing to be graded by someone other than their instructor must always have approval from said instructor.
  • Any failure to comply with this policy may result in membership disqualification.

Brierley Bailey
National Secretary Rev: Dec 2006