1. When in the dojo always address Black Belts by their title Sensei/Shihan etc.
  2. Always address Brown Belts (1st Kyu) as Sempai.
  3. Upon entering or exiting the Dojo you must always bow facing towards the mats.
  4. Swearing in the dojo will not be tolerated.
  5. Any student suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the dojo.
  6. No form of footwear is allowed to be worn on the mats at any time.
  7. Before you move onto or exit from the mats during training, you must have the most senior Belt bow you off or on. No excuse is necessary unless you are sick, injured or have to leave to go elsewhere.
  8. Your judogi (uniform) must always be clean and ironed. Your own personal hygiene is paramount as this reflects good character on a student and also shows respect to his partner, teacher and the dojo.
  9. Always respect others and their property.
  10. At the beginning and the end of training there must be a formal bow. This is done by students lining in grade order front to rear – Black Belts to beginners or the way your Sensei requires. All students to kneel firstly down on the left knee and then the right, toes should be pointed outwards and touching. The highest Kyu grade (or Black Belt) in a strong voice announces SEIZA (kneel) KIYOTSUKE (sitting at attention) SENSEI NI REI
    (Teacher thank you; bow to teacher)
  11. The order for rising from the mat should be as follows: Shihan/Sensei first, followed by the next highest grades, line by line, or as required by their club etiquette.
  12. At any time a student needs to retie his/her belt or adjust their judogi, they must kneel down in the non-attack position by going down on the right knee.
  13. All injuries, no matter how minor, should be reported. Any medical condition a student has should be reported to the Shihan/Sensei before training commences.
  14. All students must wear a club badge on the appropriate part of their uniform as required by their Sensei.

Should another iInstructor from another club enter the dojo the Shihan/Sensei will call MATE (stop) and all students will line up in ranks until the visitor is introduced.

Ju-Jitsu is not an Art of Fighting – it is a true Art of Self Defence