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Instructor Qualification/Accreditation

There are only three types of accreditation that are recognised:

  1. The National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) administered by the Australian Sports Commission; or
  2. The National Martial Arts Instructors Accreditation Scheme (administered by the Martial Arts Industry Association Ltd.) (MAIA); or
  3. is a accredited/qualified martial arts-self defence instructor through the “International College of Kenshusei” having completed the prescribed modules of the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) and is so qualified as a martial arts/self defence trainer under the Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Act 1990. This is defined as a minimum Certificate III in Sports Coaching that must include the unit of competency SRSMAR005A plus one of the units SRSMAR006A to SRSMAR0011A.

Please note that the Coaching General Principles certificate that can be secured from TAFE colleges or the Department of Sport & Recreation, DOES NOT qualify an instructor as being accredited. A sports-specific component must also be completed.

This NCAS course, we believe, is at present conducted by the Australian Ju Jitsu Federation Inc. for those styles with a sporting component and who require NCAS accreditation.

The Australian Ju-Jitsu Association Inc. is not a member of the Australian Ju-Jitsu Federation Inc., nor is it a member of the Martial Arts Industry Association Ltd.

The Australian Ju-Jitsu Association Inc. is not a sporting body, we study the martial art in its true form. Instructors are assessed in Instructional skills as a part of their Gradings within their own styles and by a panel of higher Dan grades.

All Sports Coaching Qualifications on the following page have been attained through the “International College of Kenshusei” who is a Registered Training Organisation with ANTA (Australian National Training Authority), their ID No. 6930. These modules are delivered in accordance with ANTA specifications. They are recognised Nationally by Government, Police Youth Clubs, YMCA’s and Schools. Instructors are also identified as having clearance by the Commission for Children and Young People.

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