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Common date for Membership
Membership renewal is currently based on the anniversary date of joining. Certain clubs now use a set date format. All membership renewals are due on 1 January each year. However, due to varying start back dates from Christmas break, all fees are to be forwarded to the National Secretary/Treasurer by the common date of 1st March annually for full renewal.

For new Members; the fee would be based on when they joined for the first year only.

Students joining in the period 1 January to 30 June will pay full new Membership fees, students joining in the period 1 July to 31 December will pay only 50% new Membership fee.

In subsequent years the full renewal is due and payable by 1 March each year no matter what anniversary date. Renewals will be on the same principle 1 January 2007 full renewal and from 1 July 2007 only 50% renewals fee for first year only.

The Sensei of the club will be sent a renewal notice each January. Once you have been advised that your renewal is due please help your Sensei by paying promptly.

Any new club wishing to join should contact the National Secretary, Lynn Farmer or telephone 0415 452 846. Sensei of a club wishing to join MUST send a copy of his/her latest Black Belt certificate duly certified as being a true copy of the original by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations. DO NOT send original copies as they can get lost in the mail.