submission-girls The Australian Ju-Jitsu Association was formed in Queensland on 12th May, 1985 by a group of Ju-Jitsu exponents who wanted to enhance the art and bring as many styles together for a common purpose; that being the exchange of ideas and new techniques.

The AJJA fosters a sense of openness among its club members, for the development of the art, and support for the instructors in several areas such as OH&S and risk management, qualifications and accreditation, code of conduct and other areas of information. Read more about how the AJJA can assist your club.

Each year a national weekend seminar attracts more than 130 students and instructors from more than 20 different clubs around Australia, and is growing each year. The AJJA enables students to keep up their training when interstate by having clubs in every state and territory in Australia.


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