AJJA History

The Australian Ju-Jitsu Association was formed in Queensland on 12th May, 1985 by a group of ju-jitsu exponents who wanted to enhance the art and bring as many styles together for a common purpose, that being the exchange of ideas and new techniques.

Shihan Jan de Jong
Shihan Jan de Jong

The main reason for starting the AJJA was due to the fact that the only other organisation around was know as the Australian Society of Jujitsuans (now known as the Australian Jujitsu Federation Inc). This body was found to be “dictatorial in its attitude” by many senior members who left the Society many years ago.

The original Committee members for the AJJA Inc, were: President: Sensei Wayne Brabham (Vic) Vice President: Sensei Bruce Watts (NSW) Secretary: Sensei Mike Jeans (Qld) and Director of Coaching: Shihan Jan de Jong (WA). Other foundation members who originally formed the AJJA were Sensei Mark Haseman (Qld) and Sensei Brierley Bailey (NSW). Shihan Jan de Jong OAM 9th Dan, unfortunately passed away in April 2003, and Shihan Brierley Bailey OAM passed away in September 2014.

Shihan Brierley Bailey
Shihan Brierley Bailey

Since the inception of the AJJA Inc. we have grown with up to 90 clubs throughout all States of Australia and encompass some 45 different styles. The AJJA Inc. prides itself on checking members’ lineage and qualifications before accepting them into the Association. The member is then handed a Code of Conduct and Occupational Health & Safety—Risk Management Policy. Members are reminded that the Association will in no way interfere with the running of your club, syllabus or gradings. Should help be required by any Dojo Sensei the AJJA Inc. would be pleased too assist in every way possible.

This Association is recognised through the Department of Fair Trading with registration number Y11108-16 (25 September 1990). and by the Australian Government having been issued with business number ABN 83 036 436 627 (1 November 1999).

Mission Statement

To provide our members with the encouragement and resources to further their personal development and understanding of the art of jujutsu.

Aims & Goals

The aims and goals of the Australian Ju-Jitsu Association Inc are:

  1. To promote the Art of Ju-Jitsu throughout Australia on a traditional and self-defence basis.
  2. To participate in the Art of Ju-Jitsu on both a national and international basis.
  3. To assist in promoting national health and fitness.
  4. To assist in developing the good characteristics of all.
  5. To be non-political and not to discriminate against any person despite race or creed.
  6. To provide activity for all Australian states within the AJJA Inc. on an instructional basis.
  7. To organise and participate in both national and international seminars.
  8. To liaise with overseas jujutsu associations.

Australian Ju-Jitsu Association ABN 83 036 436 627
The AJJA is registered as an incorporated association with the Department of Fair Trading Reg. No. Y11108-16 dated 25 Sept 1990.